Would you trust this man with your meat?

Meet Earl Tupper.

While working as a chemical engineer for Du Pont in the 1940's, Mr. Tupper stumbled across a way to make plastics that were safe for food, and could be molded. He also worked on the airtight "seals" which he modeled after inverted paint can lids.

The result of his long lonely nights in the dark dingy basement lab, was a product that came to be known as Tupperware. He was absolutely sure that his new product could go into kitchens and households across America, and the product (for the consumer) would end up paying for itself.

Recognizing the potential, Tupper formed his own corporation and was able to get the product out there and on store shelves, but they didn't really sell. Tupper found out that one of the salespeople outsold all of the stores combined, and wanted to know the secret.

Meet Brownie Wise.

Brownie Wise was a charmer, a fierce entrepreneur, and a marketing genius. She was selling through home parties because she felt she needed to give a demonstration of how to use the product correctly, which would also give her a chance to show other uses besides food. She would prepare for her Tupperware "party", like you would for a social event.

Tupper believed in her so strongly that he took all of his product off of store shelves, asked Brownie Wise to be his vice-president, and made Tupperware available only through home parties.

And the rest, as they say…  is herstory.

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