I am nostalgic for a time I did not live in. I believe the forties decade gave us the finest entertainers, musicians, movies, (film noir is my favorite), radio, and fashion. Above all, I have a true appreciation for the sacrifices, determination, and the character of our people and our country during those times. Men, women, and children.

Tom Brokaw had it right when he described the young men and women that came of age during the 1940s as “The Greatest Generation”. It really was an amazing decade, in which a severe worldwide depression was replaced by a world at war.

We are losing our cherished elders of that era at a staggering rate. To put things into perspective, the youngest of the men and women stationed at Pearl Harbor when we were attacked, are now in their mid to late eighties. By the time another decade passes, most will be gone.

The goal of 1940s.org is to preserve, display, and connect to the best of the best from this time period. Reader contributions are gladly accepted, and encouraged!  

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