Venus On The Spike Heel

New to is a section devoted to the art and beauty of the pin-up girl. It’s such a classic, glamorous, and let’s face it.. sexy look. That’s a photo of Rita Hayworth to our left. Elegant, classy, glamorous, and a heart-stopping, timeless beauty. Dressed, but so very seductive!

We’ll feature both artwork and photography here.

In the photograph section, we stop well short of the Bettie Page era, who was a bit “progressive” and popular in the 1950s, and doesn’t fit into our focus here. However, I’ve always wanted to quote the way Harlan Ellison described her: “She was Venus on the spike heel, she is lust in an ice cream cone (two scoops), enthusiasm in the whisper of nylon, postpubescent rambunctiousness in the back seat of a Studebaker Commander.”

I think he liked her. Great description!

The artwork found here may include pin-ups from other decades. Photographs are from the 40s.

Please visit our pin-up section HERE.  

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A determined contributor to the memory and preservation of a decade.

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