Thornton V. Sigler POW

On June 6th, 1944 Thornton V. Sigler landed on the shores of France as part of the invasion of Normandy in World War II. On August 6th 1944 he was taken prisoner by the Germans during the liberation of Vire, France. Sigler and the other Americans at the camp were returned to an American checkpoint on June 1st, 1945 and returned home to his wife and son on June 26th, 1945.

During his time at a POW camp,  he was able to keep a journal. It was smuggled into the camp, and the punishment was high if caught with it.

I found the entries toward the end especially interesting, where he wonders what happened to other soldiers he met, and starts listing the things he wants to see and do when he becomes a free man again.

You are welcome to download this hand written book of journals below:

WWII POW Journal of Thornton V. Sigler

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