The March Of Time

Another great reason to watch Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is coming up on Saturday January 1st.

From 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm, they’ll be showing 12 entries from the series “The March Of TIme” which were short films created from 1935 to 1951. Saturday on TCM will feature ones made during the 1940s. Great stuff!

These “newsreels” were a companion to the radio broadcasts that first gave us “dramatized news” and were shown in movie theaters across the country. Actually the name newsreels doesn’t really fit; they are longer and more detailed, and much more opinionated than the newsreels that preceded them.

 The series was satirized in Orson Welles’ film Citizen Kane (1941) with the News on the March segment showing the life and funeral of the fictional Charles Foster Kane.

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