The Art of Wartime Newsreels – 1940 through 1946

Newsreels in America were used during the general time period of the silent film era, through the 1960s. Universal newsreels (produced by Universal Studios) were released twice a week between 1929 and 1967.

During World War II, American movie-goers were shown these popular newsreels as part of the total entertainment that accompanied the feature film. Because news of the war was otherwise obtained through newspaper and radio, these dramatized news stories (or short documentary films) became very popular.  Most consisted of U.S. military footage depicting allied military operations and other events from the home front.

The US Government recognized the impact and potential and produced 267 newsreels called the 'United News.’ These newsreels were shown throughout the U.S., but were really targeted to overseas viewers, and released in several languages, including German.

In our first installment of Universal Studios newsreels below, we bring you 10 newsreels listed in order by the date released, out of the 100 or so that will be coming to

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  1. What an excellent resource!  It is marvelous to see the newsreels and I'm looking forward to taking the time to view each one.  I also appreciate the other interesting posts–always very informative.  Thank you!

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