1940’s Food and Drink


    I was lucky growing up – not only was I often in my family grocery store and surrounded by the personal chefs of the rich and famous, but my mother’s family were farmers…. old southern and half French. I was never one of those kids who hated eating vegetables. In fact, I loved them! When I was barely able to walk or talk, I…[Read more]

    • Don’t throw that water away! Keep the pot of water in which you blanched your vegetables covered, on a cold burner at the back of your stove or in the refrigerator. Every day or two blanch more vegetables, of any kind, in the same water. Each vegetable will absorb some of the salt and impart flavor and nutrients to the water. At the end of the…[Read more]


    If you can only cook one dish, it should probably be pot roast. Pot roast is inexpensive, healthy and will feed one person for a week or a family for several days. All you need is a stove and an oven, a cast iron pan (roasting pan or casserole dish are optional) a good piece of meat, a few good vegetables and a little flour. Perhaps…[Read more]

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    Next to beautiful women and music, my passion is food and wine (and beer, whiskey and cigars…… but I digress). I was very fortunate to grow having Mrs. Rombauer (author of the classic, Joy of Cooking) as a summertime neighbor in the little resort town in the mountains of NC where I was born. It was a remnant of another era – grand hotels,…[Read more]

    • Heya! What part of North Carolina? Many moons ago (mid 1980’s), my wife and I ran a small resort in the town of Cashiers. A wonderful time that I’m lucky to have experienced. Great people, great food.. and such a beautiful area!

      • Blowing Rock, originally…… lived all over since then. Cashiers is still a great town, but the old money is gone in BR and it is mainly a tourist town now – still gorgeous though, with great waterfalls and trails. If you visit, stay at the Green Park Inn for a touch of the old atmosphere and class.