Patton – The Tinkle Heard ‘Round The World

General George S. Patton was a brash, brave, and brilliant man. He was also (thankfully) one of our military leaders with the right stuff, in the right place, at the right time, to help win a war that had to be won.

One example is when Patton assumed command of the U.S. Third Army in 1944, which under his leadership advanced farther, captured more enemy prisoners, and liberated more territory in less time than any other army in military history.

While known best for his leadership while leading armies as a general during World War II, he was also well known for his eccentricity and controversial outspokenness.

The photo included in this article was taken on March 24th, 1945. While crossing the Rhine river near Oppehneim, which was Germany's last line of defense, General Patton stops to show his contempt by urinating in the middle of the river. He wanted to be sure they knew what he thought of their natural border.

Patton continued on with his drive across southern Germany and into Czechoslovakia. Germany surrendered on May 8th 1945.

"Old Blood and Gut's" as he was nicknamed, a true American hero. 

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