No Invitation Necessary

Listen to the second hand on your clock and every tick that goes by represents a man, woman, or child that was killed during WWII. Now imagine the ticking continues for almost two full years. The deadliest war in the history of mankind, 60 million people perished.

Our nation led the way in a war that had to be won.

Grown kids barely men, one day learning in school and the next learning to fight or to be killed. Over 400,000 of our soldiers lost their lives. The young men that managed to make it home safely some 65 years ago are now our fathers, our grandfathers, our great-grandfathers, and they are slipping away from us.

An extremely courageous yet humble group of men, they are truly a national treasure. Every new day is an opportunity to thank a veteran of World War II. Let these brave souls know that they are not forgotten, and how much we appreciate them. It’s the least we can do for our veterans entering the last days of their lives.

They won’t be around much longer, and you’re probably not going to get an invitation.

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