My Day In 1946 – Uneventful as it was…

I want to live in the city in 1946.

I want to meet my pals at the Kash & Karry to peek at the newest comic books. I want to use cardboard to go snow sledding. Maybe someone will bring a store bought sled.

I want to stay indoors and sit close to the radiator at my house if the weather gets really bad outside. Play Monopoly, Checkers, Parcheesi, or talk and argue and laugh and roughhouse.

I want to play kick the can all the way to the picture show and back. In between I want to pay 30 cents at the matinee to see Gilda, eat Milk Duds and share popcorn with my friends.

I want to make a detour into the city park and play tag, or hide and seek, or dodgeball, or all three! I want to run home as fast as I can so I can change out of my muddy clothes, and wash up before supper. I want to explain where I’ve been all day as my entire family sits around the table.

I want to kiss my mom goodnight before bed, and sleep peacefully knowing that my father has come home safely from the war.

I want to go there once.

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  1. Oh how I can relate to your final sentence. And how I can wish those days were here again. Sometimes, I want to leave this crazy modern world and step into a time of unity, patriotism, self-sacrifice, and understanding.

    Thanks for making a site like this!

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    I Google searched "I want to live in the 1940's" and this was the first link. So I read it, I was relieved that I am not the only one that thinks the world was such a much more beautiful place back then. 

  4. Will you bring me along, too? I wasn't even born until 1958, but I want to grow up in the 1940s.  I want to buy some lovely matte red lipstick and a cherry Coke from the drugstore, and I want to listen to the radio with my family and I want a big chair with flowery fabric in my living room.
    Thank you for your lovely post!   

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