Marvel’s Agent Carter

Agent Carter, one of the latest offerings from the Marvel universe, will be making its way to the small screen on January 6th, 2015. I’m very excited for this long awaited series to air. As a fan of the 1940s and everything that the decade had to offer, I look forward to seeing how this era is portrayed in the series.

I believe it’s time to have a new female heroine to treasure. By placing her in the world of the 1940s, this opens up a great deal of narrative possibilities, as well as stylistic flourishes. I’ve always greatly appreciated the wardrobe of the era and look forward to seeing what sort of 1940s fashion is devised for Peggy Carter.

Women’s fashion in the 1940s was much different from the way women dress today. Gone is the era when something was left to the imagination. The fashions of the 1940s presented women in the best possible light, as opposed to giving men something to ogle.

The hiring of Hayley Atwell for the titular role shows a serious commitment to continuity on Marvel’s part. While she has already played the role in several Marvel films, including the first two installments of the Captain America franchise and the upcoming Avengers sequel, small screen fans have already caught a glimpse of her on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel could have easily canvassed Hollywood and tried to search for an actress with more name recognition and chose not to, which should be commended. Marvel has shown a willingness to replace key actors in their film franchises, so sticking with Atwell for this upcoming television adaptation is a true vote of confidence.

Giving Atwell further license to explore the world of the 1940s and the problems that were unique to that era promises to make for compelling viewing each week. I’ve always believed that more shows should take the time to explore the 1940s and the stars are already aligning for Agent Carter to become a great success.

Watching all of the different characters bounce off one another, while further exploring the dynamics that led to the Marvel universe becoming what it is today should make for entertaining viewing. Tony Stark’s past promises to be explored in much greater detail, much to the delight of those who have rushed to the theaters each time a new Iron Man motion picture is released.

With Edwin Jarvis and Howard Stark aboard, there is no limit to the dynamics that can be explored between the characters, with the 1940s as the backdrop. I, for one, cannot wait to see how the characters are dressed and whether their clothing matches up with the styles of the time period.

Historical accuracy is important, but it should never take a back seat to entertaining the fans. Having a woman in the lead role should provide a great alternative to the typically male dominated television world. Agent Carter is also the first Marvel project in either film or television to be exclusively centered around a female lead.

While some may have believed that Black Widow was the number one candidate for such treatment, Peggy Carter has beaten her to the punch. Great news.

Agent Carter promises to provide those who crave strong, narrative driven, female led entertainment with the show that they have always longed for. This is an underserved audience, a niche that needs to be catered to more often. By rallying around Agent Carter and allowing it to become successful, perhaps this can serve notice to Marvel and other entertainment giants that smart, female driven entertainment can rule the day.

As a fan of the 1940s, it will also be interesting to see how gender dynamics are explored in that era. It’s no secret that women have significantly decreased the gap between them and their male counterparts in terms of earning power and overall status in society. Surely, there will be some episodes that deal with the harsh realities of the 1940s, as it relates to gender inequality.

With so much ground to cover, story wise, and so many new angles to explore, the possibilities are endless for Agent Carter. Of course, watching a woman kick butt is always fun. But to watch her do so on a well written program, in stylish 1940s fashion? This is an opportunity that does not come along on a regular basis.

The 1940s are a rich period in history, just dying to be explored further. The years following World War II were filled with upheaval in almost every aspect of society and pulling these threads to see which unravels first should make for an engrossing watch. The world was a different place then, a time when no one was exactly sure what was next or who was truly in charge.

By promising those who tune in a unique combination of story elements that are rarely seen in big ticket entertainment, Agent Carter promises to stimulate viewers on both an emotional and intellectual level. Exploring the 1940s more closely, while also enjoying smart entertainment driven by a female lead? What’s not to like?

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