Hyper-femininity, I love you. Signed, chivalry.

Your hair in long loose pin curls, maybe a hair comb holding back one side. Best of all a cupid’s bow of bright red lipstick.. and as red as the law will allow.

Peep-toe slingback platforms.

You dress in a modest fashion masterpiece.. maybe one with heavy buttons, or a silk lapel, maybe one with finely woven lace,  but always a  fineness of detail.

You exude great confidence and beam with a sense of pride in your looks, and rightfully so, you are stunning.

You could change into a full cut mustard colored June Cleaver dress (with pearls, if you wish) and walk through a sea of the scantily clad.. and all eyes would be on you.

You have intrigue, charm and elegance, sex appeal, and beauty.

Thank you.

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    You nailed it! I love women…. women that look like women…. women who appreciate men. Ava Gardener, where are you (or her modern equivalent)? Just look at Ava, that timeless beauty from my home state of North Carolina. She was incredibly beautiful, feminine, but strong and even aggressive… smart, sophisticated, sultry, discriminating…. all woman. Or take Lauren Bacall – at 19, she was Bogart’s equal. If only….. if only…..

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