Gangster Squad – 1940s Los Angeles

Gangster Squad (the movie) is based on a series of 2008 articles in the Los Angeles Times by Paul Lieberman, and looks at the true story of an LAPD unit formed in the mid-1940s to fight back at the growing influence of the Mafia coming in from the east coast.

It was a police squad with the blessing of a "no holds barred" approach to running the mob out of Los Angeles. They were issued Tommy guns, they planted bugs without warrants, set traps, befriended the rivals of gang leaders, stole evidence from mobsters, and just about anything to gather intelligence.

The fascinating seven part series is still carried on the Los Angeles Times web site HERE

The movie is in pre-production, set for release in 2013 and stars Ryan Gosling, Senn Penn, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, and Michael Peña. Obviously a strong cast with Gosling and Brolin set to play the two lead cops, and Penn will play the gangster, Mickey Cohen.

A true-crime period piece with fist fights, fedoras, and the 1940s. Oh yeah!

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  1. I hope the film will actually be filmed in Los Angeles, and not Bulgaria like that awful “Black Dahlia” travesty was.

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