1940s Vintage Hairstyle Video

Videos by Lisa Freemont

Style can be as deconstructed or polished as you like. For a more authentic version of the look, include more polished pincurls and place them higher on the head. If you have longer hair, you can also underpin the back into a pageboy.


This style was not very flattering on Stanwyck, (as she wore it in Double Indemnity) especially since her own hair was so fabulous. Even Billy Wilder looked at the wig after filming started and regretted it, calling it ‘George Washington’ hair. That said, using my own hair was pretty simple and I purposely tried to avoid the pitfalls that made it look so ‘wiggy’.


This is another variation on my ‘soft waves’ tutorial with just a bit more volume at the front. It is very simple once you have the soft waves down. As you can see from the print it is based on, longer hair would actually work better.