Pierce Hale, 1940s Private Eye: Short Fiction

The following is an excerpt from “Pierce Hale, Private Eye: The Honeymoon Killer” a short story submitted by 1940s.org and published on Ezine Articles: It was 7:30 on a Saturday evening as Pierce Hale was escorted to the back of Club Dahlia. Sitting at a table made of mahogany, pouring from a slender green bottle and occasionally leaning back to blow smoke rings, Pierce waited patientl... Read More »

Now Open – The Club Dahlia 1940’s Lounge

Neon signs flash through the darkness on a rainy night in the city. Halos form above dimly lit street lamps. From high atop the Club Dahlia, you're listening to the sweet sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Join other members of 1940s.org in the discussion of the Golden Era. Fashion, music, film, old time radio, WWII, family life, or whatever else is buzzin', cousin. We ar... Read More »

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