Dear John: An Unwanted Letter – 1940’s WWII Soldier

A  “Dear John” letter is a letter that a woman writes to either her husband or her boyfriend when she wants to tell him that she wants to end their relationship. Most of the time, there is another man involved. The woman has often found another lover or wants to proceed with her life for another reason, and either doesn’t have the courage to tell the man in person or is separated... Read More »

The Art of Wartime Newsreels – 1940 through 1946

Newsreels in America were used during the general time period of the silent film era, through the 1960s. Universal newsreels (produced by Universal Studios) were released twice a week between 1929 and 1967. During World War II, American movie-goers were shown these popular newsreels as part of the total entertainment that accompanied the feature film. Because news of ... Read More »

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