Around Town – 1940s Home Movies

This video was sent by one of our regular readers, and captures a moment of time in the 1940s in Concordia, MO.

It is a compilation of home movies and shows scenes of people around town, a sewer project, a WWII scrap drive, Concordia High School, and Davis Creek flooding.

It is about 10-1/2 minutes long (no sound) and you can click on the bottom right button of the video player to make it full-screen. This is a fascinating little piece of history, and the video will become a permanent part of the archives here, enjoy!

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A determined contributor to the memory and preservation of a decade.

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  1. Profile photo of JazzyDame
    May 10, 2011, 1:42 pm   /  Reply

    Sir, may I borrow your time machine?  I would dearly love to make an extended visit to this era…

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