Everything old is new again.

The 1940s decade. World War II, history, fashion, movies, music. Introducing the re-launch of the 1940s.org community pages.

The 1940’s…

Allure born of mystery, riding bikes in the summer rain, grandma’s medicine chest, searching for four leaf clovers. Lips like crimson art, walking slowly in the rain, Saturday mornings at the barber shop, the buzzing of old neon. Lines from the radiator warming my back, our fallen heroes, train whistles, the lessons learned on a paper route. Rooftop ballrooms, inviting a soldier to dinner, the percussion of high heels across a heavy wooden floor, film noir. The torch song, boats made of mahogany and toy prizes made of tin, pride in appearance, Gene Tierney’s angelic glow. Black satin opera gloves, friends that sign your autograph shirt, Lux Radio Theater, riding in the rumble seat. The melody in music, handwritten letters from home, halos above street lamps in the rain, Winston Churchill. Radios as big as appliances, grilled cheese sandwiches and a dill pickle spear at Woolworth’s, the soul of our nation. Stickball, the magic of Fred and Ginger, a silver dollar from grandpa, picnics in the park, letting the good guy win. Dressing up for the movies, the warmth of Christmas morning, an evening next to the radio, Bogie and Bacall. Squeezing into the photo booth with your best friend, Kilroy, kissing goodbye at the train station. Dancing until your wingtips glow, staring through display windows downtown, glass milk containers, the 1946 Wurlitzer. Making flour and water paste, a teen’s jalopy, time standing still, sending box tops for decoder rings, Sunday dinner. Sounds of children playing tag, leaning over the fence to talk to our neighbor, meeting a date at the soda fountain. Hide and seek at dusk, big bands, Hollywood elegance, Superman on the radio, the lunch counter at the 5 & 10, fedoras.