It’s 1940’s Fashion and TWA, of course!

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This short film called Fashion Horizons captures 1941 America in color, before we joined the war. Paramount Pictures and TWA (the airline) came together to make it. It’s sort of like a long commercial, but it contains some very interesting historical footage!

In the film we are following starlets to a screen test and movie location for Paramount Pictures in Albuquerque, NM, then on to other parts of the southwest (including Phoenix, AZ) for sightseeing and  vacation time. They get there by a TWA Boeing Stratoliner, of which only 10 were built. This film has amazing shots of the plane.

The early forties fashion caught in color here, is stunning. The narrator describes everything they wear in great detail. Actually he describes everything in great detail! Both men and women’s fashion are shown.

Shot in color, the scenery and the clothes.. and then you throw in a big silver beast flying through the air! You owe it to yourself to watch this.

If you find this video enjoyable, be sure to watch Part 2 HERE.

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